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The sizes of the rooms are based on the equipment and furnishings included. To improve our understanding on these commercial establishments, this article focuses on the average hotel room sizes.

What are the usual hotel room sizes? The average size of standard guestrooms at budget or economy hospitality service providers is around 300 to 400 feet square. In first class hotels, the usual size of guestrooms is around 650 square feet. For the comfort of those who want to occupy suites, the size of these rooms is between 800 to 950 feet. Economy or budget hotels usually have 20 to 50 rooms while the mid range hospitality service providers have 100 to 300 rooms. First class hotels have 500 to 6,000 guestrooms and suites.


Room 1

50 people seated
92 people standing

Room 2

30 people seated
58 people standing
1/2 day $200 $160
1 day $350 $240
1 week $500 $390